Customer Experience

Finding Community in Collaboration

As we advance into a world of ever-increasing technology – from Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to 3D printers and driverless cars – we seem to fall into two camps: early adopting enthusiasts and fear-mongering Luddites.

Why you should Invest in UX Research

Digital channels, such as your website, are often people’s first touchpoint to your business and gives an initial impression of your brand.

Customer Service

An Expert Eye for Customer Service: Interview with Helen Pettifer

An interview with a customer service expert who is passionate about all aspects of Customer Service. Training provider, Customer Service consultant and public speaker.

Supply Chains to Become Increasingly Customer Centric, According to DHL Report

Supply chains will become increasingly ‘customer-centric’ as a result of the rise in e-commerce, according to the latest DHL Logistics Trend Radar report.

Pro-active Complaint Handling; @unitedutilities Service Recovery Team embarked on an ambitious plan to transform its #complaint handling performance. Join Sally Ainsworth, Head of Service Recovery, to hear their story at our upcoming #conference. Tickets:

Established in 1998, @icasework has been an agent for the transformation of #casemanagement as an organisational process and practice. Shine Prakash, Senior Manager, joins our #conference on 20th September to discuss efficient ways to handle #complaints: