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7 Amazon-Obsessed Retail Predictions for 2019

Might the new-school goliath (or online bully, depending on your perspective), finally be getting a real kick in the competitive pants next year from old-school brick-and-mortar giant Walmart’s transformative e-commerce moment?

Apple iPhone Sales Off To A Slow Start This Holiday Season

The day after the keynote address, Consumer Purchase Intent Data was already telling us that Apple was going to have a very rough road ahead of it.

Sales and Marketing

10 Marketing Tools and Tactics that will Shake up the Industry in 2019

Marketing trends are often fleeting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider them. While some fade within a few months, others stick—and implementing the right ones can do wonders for your business.

Why Simple and Strategic Promotions are Powerful Sales and Marketing Tools

Every business wants to get attention. But there are two types of attention: the kind you want, where everybody’s saying how great your company is, and the kind that makes you want to lock your doors, draw the blinds and hope everybody stops noticing you.

Customer Experience

2019 UK Customer Experience Awards: Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

Entries are now open for the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards, which this year is marking ten years of celebrating the very best CX in Britain.

Google’s new Chrome Extension Warns you about Stolen Passwords

Google is releasing a new Chrome extension that could make account takeovers harder for hackers.

Customer Service

Talkdesk Raises $100 Million to Make Customer Service Less Terrible

Using cloud technology and machine learning, the startup is said to hit a more than $1 billion valuation.

An Expert Eye for Customer Service: Interview with Helen Pettifer

An interview with a customer service expert who is passionate about all aspects of Customer Service. Training provider, Customer Service consultant and public speaker.

In the true spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, we are looking back at our recent victories at the @ukbusinessaward. We were delighted to win gold in the Best Place to Work category, and our MD, @gilletttyler11, received the silver award in the Inspirational Leader category! 🥇🥈

Meet @CorkePaul, Author, Leadership Architect, Speaker and Owner at He will be part of our judging panel at the upcoming @UKEXAwards 2019 in May! We are so excited!

Personal Growth

6 Ways Top CEOs Beat Procrastination

Humans have a tendency to procrastinate because our minds naturally like to be in a relaxed state. Sometimes it’s hard to get going, or we have trouble focusing and find ourselves putting off an unpleasant or difficult task for as long as possible.

Everything we know about the 91st Academy Awards

Although the Oscars are still several weeks away, the nominations are in and speculation is rife as to who will walk away with the top prizes.