Jeff Bezos Vs a Robot: A Ping Pong Match (VIDEO)

Awards InternationalMarch 21, 20183min0
Amazon CEO prefers the company of robots these days, as it seems.

After taking a Boston Dynamics robot dog for a walk on Monday at the company’s MARS conference and playing beer pong with a robot, he was up for a new challenge: a ping-pong match against another robot.

It appears that opponent’s alien-like appearance affected Jeff’s performance, as his weak forehand and backhand failed to present a challenge to a huge piece of metal holding a bat.

One shot ended up in the net, while another sent the ball far off the table.
Some speculate that Jeff is doing all this with one goal in mind: getting robots to like him.
It’s no secret that Bezos’ human employees are at breaking point, so replacing at least a portion of them with machines seems like a logical thing to do.

For one thing, losing in ping-pong on purpose is a smart way to get on robots’ good side and pull them away from working for Amazon’s competitors.

That’s how you treat your future employees!

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