Airbnb’s Playful New Font “Cereal”

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Following in the footsteps of companies like Netflix, which recently ditched Gotham in favour of its own Netflix Sans typeface, Airbnb has partnered with font aficionados Dalton Maag to create "Cereal".

airbnb cereal font

The new font rolled out today across Airbnb’s app and web platforms and, although its currently limited to the 2 languages using the Latinate alphabet, there are plans to extend that to 25 languages in the next two years. According to Alex Schleifer, Airbnb’s head of design, the most difficult part of its creation was ensuring the font worked equally well in both light and heavy weights, enabling it to be seamlessly used across small digital interfaces and large billboards.

Instead of scrapping Airbnb’s existing identity and starting afresh, something that could have confused Airbnb’s existing audience, Dalton Maag began with the company’s existing “Belo” logo, using its curvy, continuous shape to create the letter “A”. From there, each of the other letters were formed, starting with the “B” and then “D”. The end result is a playful font which is full of character while remaining functional and scalable.

cereal font airbnb


Source: Huh Magazine

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