Microsoft has been Quietly Hiding $10 Gift Cards in its Email Blasts

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Microsoft hid some nice deals in recent email blasts. But if you try to access them now, you’ll be out of luck.


A Reddit user posted to the online forum on Monday that when you click on the trees in a Microsoft Store email, you’ll be brought to a page where you can receive a $10 gift card. Other Reddit posters said that they, too, clicked on the trees and were brought to the page where they could redeem their gift cards.

Soon after, users looked at other Microsoft emails to see if there were similar offers in previous messages. In the Black Friday email Microsoft sent, clicking on the squirrel in the message brought people to a page that also offered a $10 gift card.

But before you cut through your inbox to find Microsoft’s emails, you might already be late. According to the posters, when they try those links now, they’re brought to a page that says the deal had expired.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a Fortune request for comment on its email blasts and gift cards.

But if nothing else, the move might have been a smart way to get people to open and click on items in future Microsoft messages. Promotional emails, after all, are notorious for their low open and click-through rates. Hiding some deals in them, however, could change that.



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