Focus on Customer Experience as EDAM Group Strives to be the Best

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Delivering an exemplary experience at every point in the customer journey is what makes us the market leader – people are at the heart of all we do.

EDAM Group team

At EDAM Group, we specialise in keeping drivers mobile who have been involved in a non-
fault road traffic accident. Delivering exemplary service with empathy and understanding
every step of the way. People Made. Service Driven. That’s who we are.

Seamless Customer Experience

EDAM Group customer experience

Ensuring a seamless customer experience is at the very core of everything we do, so as the
leading specialist provider of credit hire services, we know that understanding and clear
communication are paramount to our clients. As such, our skilled team of claims handlers
are trained not only to get customers back on the road as swiftly as possible, but to provide
a positive, reassuring and considerate service from start to finish.

From the very first communication, we are dedicated to providing peace of mind, whilst
working through a streamlined process to get customers mobile with minimum disruption
to their lives. We pride ourselves on our high standards of care, treating each and every
case with empathy and understanding, while ensuring repairs are carried out in a timely
fashion. We are committed to efficiency and transparency in all we do.

Our daily interactions are with potentially stressed and emotional motorists – we stand out
in the industry for not only providing an exemplary service but for maintaining a firm focus
on high level care and the customer journey from start to finish. As such, our claims
department is staffed with a dedicated team of individuals selected specifically for the role.
On a practical level, this means huge investment in our people. The foundation of which are
our two centres for training excellence – The EDAM Group Claims Academy and Recovery
Academy. Before graduating, our customer service staff must follow a tailored three month
in-house scheme to ensure new starters not only understand the processes in each
department from end to end, but more importantly, understand the needs of the customer
during that time.

And it’s paying off. Our market leading services are underpinned by the people that make
our business successful and we’re proud to see concrete evidence that they’re doing a great
job. Year on year our Net Promoter Score (NPS) has steadily increased. Back in 2016 when
EDAM first registered, the company scored a respectable 56 points. In the last two months
of 2018, we achieved 80 – a very positive indication of high levels of customer satisfaction
and a job well done.

With a continued focus on improving the customer experience, we take feedback seriously
and actively engage with clients at every point of their journey to garner opinion on our
service. This means we can react and adapt accordingly throughout the process, always
ensuring the best interests of our customers. Attention to detail is what we do best and as
such is a premise of our long term success.

Direct Response to Customer Comments

EDAM Group team

In direct response to customer comments, we introduced our Roadworthy Repair Scheme.
The aim being to further streamline the claims process and minimise inconvenience to
drivers by delivering a replacement vehicle at the same time as collecting the damaged car,
it’s been a huge success. It serves as a good illustration of how we put our customers first.

Fear of a prolonged period off the road, high damage repair costs and a potentially
complicated claims process needn’t be the norm. And at EDAM it isn’t.
Delivering an exemplary experience at every point in the customer journey is what makes us
the market leader – people are at the heart of all we do.

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