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We look at two examples of companies that have delivered outstanding digital and business results for their clients.

The entry deadline for the UK Digital Experience Awards 2019 is now just over one week away!

Once the written submissions are in, our expert panel of judges will assess them before announcing the shortlist for the finals on 12th April.

This makes now the ideal time to look back on three outstanding initiatives from last year’s awards.

So whether you’ve already entered the awards this year or you’re still crafting your entry, these two examples, focused on exceptional company relationships that have delivered great digital results, will give you a little dose of inspiration.

Sometimes you need to supplement your business with a little outside help

Receptional & Discount Supplements – 2019 Winners for Use of SEO

Receptional is a digital marketing agency based in Bedfordshire. They’ve been around since 1999, when the web was still in its relative infancy. Since then, they’ve focused on delivering great business results for clients with a range of digital services – primarily SEO, Web Design and Paid Search.

The SEO aspect of the business attracts potential clients by offering a free ‘SEO Healthcheck’. As Receptional describes it, ‘you receive a thorough insight into your website without it costing you a penny. It’s the first step in turning a poorly performing site into a well-oiled marketing machine.’

This free consultation builds trust and demonstrates expertise, giving them a platform to forge long-term relationships with clients such as Discount Supplements.

Receptional’s work with the discount retailer of bodybuilding goods won them the gold award at the UK Digital Experience Awards.

Discount Supplements wanted to increase their traffic and compete with big beasts like Amazon – and they came to Receptional seeking the best way to do this.

Receptional’s analytics team conducted an attribution model to analyse a full year of DS data, enabling them to give precise recommendations. Out of the range of tools at their disposal, their findings indicated that a focus on SEO would be the most productive way of getting new entries to the top of the sales funnel.

After developing a detailed plan, they selected keywords precisely and carefully, and drew up an annual calendar that allowed them to give particular focus to specific keywords in certain months.

The results are very impressive: they attained a front-page ranking for every target keyword. They helped Discount Supplements increase their organic traffic by 51% year-on-year, and exceeded their target for increases organic revenues, which went up by 9.71%.

The intelligence with which they used data, the clarity of their planning and the dedication of their execution is what judges found so exceptional about Receptional’s work with Discount Supplements.We look forward to hearing about new innovations in SEO at this year’s UK Digital Experience Awards.

Digital natives are disrupting the banking sector

Jumio & Monzo – Best User Experience (Financial Services)

Banking is an industry undergoing serious disruption. It used to be the case that almost everyone used the same bank as their parents, but the smartphone revolution is changing the industry dramatically. New challenger banks, digital natives without the complex public relations history of major high-street banks, are entering the market and looking to attract new customers with their novel, youthful and dynamic appeal.

Monzo is a leading challenger bank. Founded in 2015, they are picking up 28,000 new customers a week. As a mobile-only bank, they want to make account opening easy and fast – they aim for it to be possible to open an account in the time it takes to queue for a coffee.

Jumio’s Netverify technology is a form of cybersecurity that enables ID, Identity and Document Verification. They are ‘global leaders in AI-powered Identification’, and a very suitable choice of partner for Monzo, who are ultimately looking to acquire one billion global customers.

Monzo were looking to launch a simplified, globally scalable, easily-verifiable process for new customers, minimising abandonment rates and maximising new customers.

Once they selected Jumio as a partner, they planned out the user experience one step at a time, with detailed wireframes and rigorous testing at every stage.

An example of an intelligence UX feature was the email reminder for facial recognition. A lot of people started the process by scanning their ID, but were reluctant to film a short video of themselves in public. Monzo therefore reminded these users the next day, and the number of new accounts set up started to rise.

This project was completed on-time and on-budget, and it has achieved most of its objectives. 80% of Monzo transactions are now verified within 150 seconds, and 97% within 270 seconds. During the duration of the project, Monzo also increased its customer base fivefold from 100,000 to 500,000 customers.

All in all, the work between Monzo and Jumio helped the mobile bank to enhance one of their key selling points – that their financial services are much more convenient and suited to the modern world than the established banks. Choosing an expert partner, defining appropriate goals and communicating effectively across teams all contributed to the success of this project.

Specalised Relationships

In recent years, the UK digital economy has become even more diversified. In this country, it’s difficult to find all-encompassing tech behemoths like the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) found in Silicon Valley.

Generally speaking, top UK digital companies are world-beaters, but in more tightly specialised areas.

This means they need to establish relationships with other specialist firms to achieve particular results – so making these relationships work is vital.

As we’ve seen from these two examples, these partnerships work when you pick complementary, skilful teams who are both absolutely clear about what needs to be achieved. Communicating effectively is also critical throughout the project, allowing for flexibility and the modification of plans, but ultimately it’s the overall dedication and hard work that has allowed these companies to achieve their goals.

Has your company had an inspiring digital initiative this year? Would you like to share your success story with the world? Enter the UK Digital Experience Awards 2019 now.


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