DXA Finalists Spotlight – ORM with Artemis

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How did ORM help improve the UX of this famous asset manager?

The UK Digital Experience Awards is set to be a celebration of organisations taking their digital strategies to the next level.

With a record number of entries and anticipation building for the awards on 12th July, we’re going to keep shining our Spotlight on some of this year’s finalists.

ORM and Artemis

ORM is focusing on helping clients optimise their existing digital touchpoints. They believe in helping organisations achieve digital freedom to enable business efficiency, engagement, advantage and growth.

Though they work with a range of clients, they have nominated their work with asset managers Artemis for this year’s DXA. They are entering their ‘micro-site’ initiative into the Financial Services and Data & Analytics categories.

I caught up with Amy Creeden and Neil Clayton from ORM to ask about how they improved the digital experience for Artemis customers.

The Profit Hunter

Like most people, my knowledge of Artemis stemmed from their idiosyncratic adverts on the tube and in magazines. This was something Neil confirmed when we discussed the goals of the initiative.

‘They’re a very brand-led asset manager’, he explained. ‘We came on board to rebuild their digital strategy and platform. After the success of this, we then helped Artemis to build on their roadmap of digital initiatives, which included creating a micro site on interest rates.’

The goal, then, was to develop an engaging page with Artemis’ main website that was in keeping with their core brand. Amy stressed that the inspiration came from diverse sources. ‘We took inspiration from fashion ecommerce sites, Pinterest and showed it to Artemis. They were really interested by that; that’s what makes them stand out compared to other asset managers.’

This research led to an emphasis on front end animation, something that is featured throughout the micro-site.

Analytics and Personalisation

To make the micro-site effective, smart analytics are essential. ‘Like any client we work with, we’ll continue to track the analytics and see if there’s anything we can optimise and improve upon,’ said Neil. ‘From our perspective, it’s a question of continual optimisation and change, and then looking at acquisition. With Artemis, we did quite a bit of work around their data reporting, helping them create dashboards with Google Analytics to really understand what the actual data is saying to them.’

Given that Artemis is primarily targeting B2B audience, Neil was keen to stress that they’re ahead of the curve. ‘Especially with asset managers, it’s a B2B corporate environment and personalisation is still very much in its infancy. There aren’t really many asset managers doing personalisation in that sense.’ 

Neil attributes this success to the cross-sector standards of digital experience, and Artemis’ willingness to be open-minded: ‘[they] do look beyond themselves and think – what is good?


In the first week after the launch of the micro-site, there were 387 page visits from 345 unique users. As Amy pointed out, ‘over half of the users scrolled 90% of the way through the page, demonstrating that they actually read the content that was shown.’ 41 prospects downloaded the white paper from the micro-site in the first few days after launch, and our results matched Artemis’ own KPIs for the website build.’

Working for an asset manager, a great digital experience means opening up other touchpoints. ‘With ecommerce, you buy a product from the site – it’s all done within that environment,’ said Neil. ‘With Artemis, there’s still so many touchpoints, both online and offline. The question is how you personalise that experience for users.’

We’d like to wish ORM/Artemis the very best of luck for the UK Digital Experience Awards.

If you are a finalist and haven’t booked your seats yet, or would just like to attend the UK Digital Experience Awards 2019 click here to do so.




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