Why top organisations own their complaints success

Thomas FairbairnNovember 6, 20193min0

To some, ‘complaint’ is a dirty word. It’s the acknowledgement that something has not gone perfectly with your product or service. Some organisations think this isn’t a cause for publicity.

But at Awards International, we think differently. In fact, it’s a mark of maturity for companies to acknowledge their complaints – and seek recognition for their accomplishments in this area. Customers know companies aren’t perfect. They can respond negatively to an opaque organisation that presents itself as infallible.

Besides, top companies acknowledge that a good complaint handling strategy is a key pillar of the customer experience. To become known as a truly customer-centric organisation, you need to own the entirety of the customer experience – and that includes your ability to handle complaints.

We’re proud to organise the UK’s only awards programme dedicated to complaint handling. On 5th March 2020, we’ll be welcoming hundreds of CX professionals to a full-day event. Throughout the day, finalists will present in front of independent judging panels, then in the evening there’ll be a glamorous dinner and awards ceremony.


Click here to enter the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2020


Once an organisation realises their complaint strategy is a cause for celebration, new opportunities will arise. By attending the Awards, you’ll be able to network with some of the UK’s top complaint handlers, meeting fascinating people and potentially picking up new business. You can also attend open presentations, where companies will be bringing their initiatives to life and explaining how they successfully handled complaints.

In today’s business world, consumers expect authenticity and integrity from their brands. Entering the UK Complaint Handling Awards is the best way to show that you care about, and act on, customer feedback.

So own your complaint handling success, and enter the Awards today!


To enter the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2020, click here

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