Taking Advantage of the Awards: Top 3 Tips

Thomas FairbairnMarch 4, 20203min0

The UK Complaint Handling Awards are coming up on Thursday. We’re looking forward to welcoming finalists from all over the country, who will compete across 15 different categories.

With the event so close, now is the perfect time to share some tips on getting the most out of the Awards, both on Thursday and at future events.

1. Attend open presentations

You have your own presentation to give, and of course that takes priority. But that only takes half an hour, and presentations will be running all morning (or all day in some cases).

That means there’s plenty of time to watch others present. And we always have a fascinating range of companies on display, doing their utmost to wow the judges with their stories of organisational success.

Many presentations are open to spectators, making this the perfect chance to pick up pearls of business wisdom, effective presentation techniques, and more!



2. Network with fellow professionals

With so many leading professionals under one roof, the networking opportunities are second-to-none. And because we organise our Awards by theme, rather than industry, you’ll meet a diverse range of people from lots of different sectors.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to make new connections, get new perspectives and learn how other companies are approaching their work.


3. Bring your team with you!

Of course, groups of any size can have a great Awards experience. But in our experience, organisations that bring their whole team often have a fuller experience. You can cover more ground in the open presentations by splitting up and watching different ones, and the winning feeling can be more special when you’re surrounded by those that made it possible.

At Awards International, we pack a lot into our events. To make the most of them, read the programme carefully and plan out your day. That way, the Awards are so much more than a competition; they’re a brilliant opportunity to learn and connect.



The UK Complaint Handling Awards will be held on Thursday at Park Plaza Victoria.

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