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Thomas FairbairnMarch 19, 20202min0

At the UK Customer Experience Awards, we’ve brought together some extraordinary people over the years. And they’ve shared some extraordinary stories of CX success.

Now, we’re making our most comprehensive resource ever: all our best case studies from the country’s top CX organisations, all in one volume.

This will be your ultimate tool for success, both in awards and in your customer experience work. We’re in a unique position, with such a fantastic network of winners – and we want to share those insights with you!

More details will follow shortly, but it will include an interview with DeAnna Avis, head of CX at Solus, who were the Overall Winner at last year’s Awards. With an in-depth interview about Solus’ CX journey and extensive advice about preparing for a successful Awards presentation, this case study alone gives golden advice. And that’s just the start!

At the moment, many professionals are working from home or facing other disruption. Although this is certainly a challenge, it does present the chance to catch up on things that we’re often too busy to do in the office. So if, by the time this all blows over, you’re a CX expert with a clear idea of what it takes to win, we’ll have done our job!


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