Luke Murfitt: Our New Global Ambassador

Thomas FairbairnMarch 19, 20203min1

We’re delighted to announce that Luke Murfitt, founder of Integrity Cleaning and UK Business Awards Gold Winner, is our new Global Ambassador.

He will be sharing our values of fairness, transparency, innovation – and positivity!

After a successful career working for a FTSE 100 company, Luke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015. But this wasn’t the end of his business career: on the contrary, it gave him the drive and determination to found his own successful business. 

As he puts it, “Parkinson’s can only take your strength. Your state of mind is up to you.” And Luke’s mind has remained resolutely positive. 

Two years ago, he founded Integrity Cleaning. Beyond providing great cleaning services, the company looks to employ those looking to get back into work, especially mothers. 

They’ve seen incredible growth in recent years, helping dozens of mothers back to work in the process. And integrity is at the company’s core: every employee receives a living wage.

At the UK Business Awards last year, Luke was entered into the Entrepreneur of the Year category, speaking with real eloquence about his experiences and business success. This made a lasting impression on the judges, and led to him becoming the Gold Winner in that category. 

Luke is a true winner and the perfect person to share our values around the world. Having spoken recently at the UK Complaint Handling Awards, he’s looking forward to speaking on our behalf much more in the future!


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Thomas Fairbairn

One comment

  • Luke Murfitt

    March 20, 2020 at 11:37 am

    What a privilege it was to stand before 300 amazing finalists as Keynote speaker and share my story and the secret to my success!
    I could have never anticipated the heartwarming accolades, praise and ongoing comments direct to me on Linkedin – WOW!
    “Winning ‘UK Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the UKBA’19, not only enhanced my business, it changed my life!”
    And now, as the Global Ambassador of Awards International, speaking around the world and Podcasting, it is an honor and privileged to help change the world… one – word – at – a – time.


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