The Importance of a Winning Mentality

Thomas FairbairnMarch 19, 20203min1

Even those living under rocks have heard the news.

We’re still monitoring developments about the virus, and will put out a full statement in the coming days. But for now, I want to share something about our values.

For us, winning is about much more than finishing first in a competition; it’s a mindset, a mentality that gives you the confidence and strength to succeed. The real winners, as we always say, are those who truly learned something at our Awards.

As we move into more uncertain times, that same mindset is what will see us through. A belief that problems can be overcome, if only we work together. That our ingenuity is never fully known until it is fully tested, and that we keep rising to meet our challenges: this is what defines a winning mentality.

Our new Global Ambassador, Luke Murfitt, exemplifies these traits. In his view, positivity is an essential part of any winning mentality. With the world seeming a more chaotic place, that positive can seem harder to find. You might not even want to find a positive spin, and that’s ok too. But I do agree with Luke: seeing the good in things, focusing on the affirmative things you can do, and accepting what you cannot change, is essential to personal growth.

This situation is certainly serious, but we’ve already seen it bring out some of the finer portions of the human spirit. Whether it’s Italians serenading each other from balconies, the immense bravery of medical staff, or merely those at home making mountains of irreverent memes, there are countless examples of this winning attitude around the world right now.

Our sincere hope is that this situation will increase our appreciation for what it means to gather together, something that may feel stifled in the coming weeks. If that is to be the case, let’s never take it for granted again – and throw one hell of a party when this thing blows over!







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Thomas Fairbairn

One comment

  • Luke Murfitt

    March 20, 2020 at 11:55 am

    What a privilege it was to stand before 300+ amazing finalists as Keynote speaker at the UKCHA’20 and share my story and the secret to my success!
    I could have never anticipated the heartwarming accolades, praise and ongoing comments direct to me on Linkedin – WOW!
    “Winning ‘UK Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the UKBA’19, not only enhanced my business, it changed my life!”
    And now, as the Global Ambassador of Awards International, speaking around the world and Podcasting, it is an honor and privileged to help change the world… one – word – at – a – time.


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