Humans are not as simple as a journey map

Marijana VitasApril 8, 20205min0
Here at Awards International, we’re constantly exploring new opportunities for networking. And we always care what our customers have to say.
Here at Awards International, we’re constantly exploring new opportunities for networking. And we always care what our customers have to say.

Thinking about the opportunities for connection at our events, we had the chance to speak with Aslan Patov from Renascence Consulting this year at the Gulf CX Awards, as one of our esteemed judges.

“The first event I attended was the Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2019 in Dubai. It was my first time with the wider CX community. It was an interesting experience, as I was never a big fan of any sort of awards (my experience in ad industry clearly showed that awards are overrated), but to my surprise, I was exposed to a lot of interesting ideas and more importantly, I saw an actual community of people passionate about CX and willing to propel it forward. I felt that I wasn’t alone in this world of CX, that it’s actually quite big, engaging and developing very fast.”

Do we actually realize how much we get when we go to events like these?

“We all have our own goals when attending such events. Networking wasn’t my main goal. I wanted to look around, get exposed to some ideas and new ways of thinking, share my own ideas and learn more about the trends. Networking is a nice addition to that list, and the community is very open. For those who love networking, there are a few chances to do that. The “given” ones: you get to know the judges no matter what, even if you are extremely shy in nature. Then there is a wider community during the gala, webinars and CX breakfast events.” 

“I have met people during one of the speeches I gave at the CX Breakfast in 2019, which led me to potential opportunities and, hence, several conversations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have opened a new company since then, moved on, but the contacts are still there: we talk, share ideas, collaborate which is important for small and medium consulting companies.”

The importance of customer experience continues to grow. Businesses across the region appreciate the significance of putting customers at the heart of what they do. And, when it comes to Renascence, here’s what Aslan has told us about their next projects:

“In Renascence, we are focused on a bigger picture. Trying to challenge the status quo in CX design, mystery shopping, understanding of the customer… Humans are not as simple as journey mapping. We are avoiding older frameworks and tools, designing things from scratch to enhance our understanding about why we do what we do and how perceptions impact behaviours. Soon, we will be able to roll out a tool that the wider CX audience can use to make better decisions and design better experiences that are truly helping humans make good decisions, feel good about them, get recognized and understood.”

Aslan, thank you for sharing with us your vision. We wish you good luck!

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