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Rob Ettridge is one of our long-standing judges whose experience and expertise add in to the whole Awards Experience. He is the co-founder at customer experience consultancy Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. The lorries help organisations improve customer experience through better communications. He’s managed customer engagement, cultural change and tone of voice communications projects for leading financial, retail, utilities and manufacturing clients.

When we asked him what was the first time he attended one of our events, his answer was very interesting.

‘’Way back in the dawn of time! In fact, I had to check with the Awards International team to find out exactly how long ago. It transpires it was CXA 2012 – the year of the London Olympics so a great year – back when we were allowed to physically go to events. 🙂 Even back then you could tell the event had an extra sparkle that many other business awards events lacked – from its written and live judging elements, the passion of the Awards International team and the glitz and glamour of the awards ceremony itself.’’

If someone can tell stories and stories about our events that can certainly be Rob.

‘’I’ve been involved with Awards International ever since. And I’m often told by Neil Skehel that I hold the dubious title of being Awards International’s longest-serving judge. I even have a lifetime achievement award to back it up, which must mean I’m on my way out! 🙂 I’ve had many roles in that time – from judge and Chair of Judges to entrant and finalist to helping set up the Judge Club Advisory Board – so have seen the event from every angle. And apparently I’ve judged 18 times across the Customer Experience Awards, Complaint Handling Awards, Employee Experience Awards and Digital Experience Awards. I guess that says it all in terms of the value of the events.’’

He invested 8 years into judging at our events so we needed to ask if he made some connections.

‘’Over the years, I’ve met many varied people – from all walks of life. But there’s not one in particular I’d single out. For me, it’s about the chance to meet like-minded people, learn best practice tips and tricks from customer and employee experience professionals and be privy to some amazing customer experience initiatives. And it doesn’t stop there – tools like LinkedIn and Judge Club initiatives have enabled me to form long-lasting connections with clients, fellow judges and awards winners.’’

And to close up this interview but certainly not our great relationship with Rob, we were keen to know his plans for the next period.

‘’Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (or the lorries as we are known!) helps companies deliver a consistent customer and employee experience through their communications. Clearly right now, we are spending a lot of time advising clients on how and what they should be communicating in this virtual world we’re currently living in. We’re working with clients to make sure the messages they deliver to their customers and staff are clear, consistent and engaging – in CEO communications, sales and marketing material, HR communications like furlough letters, operational documents, customer service correspondence and on social media.’’

If you have a story to tell – CONTACT US! We would be more than happy to hear what you have to say and to share it with the rest of the Awards International world.

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