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Marijana VitasApril 17, 20205min0
Our events are designed in a way so you can learn, connect and win! You can network with hundreds of other professionals. And speaking of those professionals - we reached out to Matthias Marino, Business Director at Renascence Consulting.

Matthias Marino was one one of our esteemed judges at the Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2020. We wanted to hear his impressions and his experience in general when it comes to our events.

“My first event was the 2019 International CX Awards in Amsterdam. It was a great experience, particularly meeting like-minded CX professionals from all over the world.”

Since 2008, we’ve been organising awards programmes that recognise business excellence, particularly focusing on customer experience. We believe winning awards creates real opportunities for personal and professional growth, and we strive to make all our awards educational and inspirational experiences for everyone involved.

“The awards are fantastic networking opportunities. No other event brings the CX world together like it. I often wish we had more time to talk and exchange ideas. It is also a great place to share best practices and that is something I would like to see explored further in the future. “

The conference-style awards are designed to give finalists opportunities to network and share best practice ideas. The business leaders in attendance come from a wide range of economic sectors – and this cross-fertilisation of customer experience knowledge is extremely beneficial.

To maintain our high standards and ensure our awards remain fair and transparent, we rely on a team of independent business professionals to put our finalists to the test. Being a judge at any of our Awards means leading the way in developing and supporting positive changes to all practices.

As Matthias was one of our judges, we were curious to find out what he thinks about the networking opportunities when it comes to our events:

“I have not started a collaboration resulting directly from the awards, but it is a venue to meet and catch up with key players in the industry, where you can build and maintain relationships. It also gives you a platform to learn about what is happening in the industry, uncover new trends and share ideas.”

In one of our previous stories, Aslan Patov from Renascence Consulting told us more about their next projects and we wanted to hear more from Matthias: 

“We are currently working on implementing a new approach to mystery shopping with the largest luxury retailer and distributor in the region, rethinking how we use mystery shopping as a tool to improve CX.”

Thank you, Matthias and good luck! 

You’re wondering how you could participate in our campaign “We connect people”? It’s easy: fill the contact form on our website and we will contact you shortly: https://bit.ly/weconnectpeople

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