3 Ways Our Awards Can Boost Your CX Performance

Thomas FairbairnApril 23, 20204min0

The UK Customer Experience Awards is, of course, a chance to win. To have a proper competition with your fellow CX professionals and get recognition for your achievements. But it’s not just about that. This is your opportunity to learn what it means to have a truly outstanding customer experience.

Based on over a decade of awards experience, we’ve gathered together the top 3 ways that your CX performance can receive a boost from attending our Awards.



1. Open Presentations

Many of our finalists allow guests to watch their presentations. This improves the overall transparency of the event and also makes it an inspiring educational opportunity. Seeing the best and brightest from the world of CX offering a frank view of their successes – and areas for improvement – is something our customers really value about the Awards.

In order to score well, finalists need to show the core business benefits of what they’ve been achieving in CX. This is much more than what you’d get at a conference! It’s frank, detailed and pitched at an expert level.


2. Detailed Feedback Reports

At many Awards, finalists have no idea why they won. We think this is a real missed opportunity. If you’re going to put yourself out there before an expert panel, it’s a shame not to get their insights on your work.

That’s why our judges write detailed feedback reports, for both the written entry and live presentations. You’ll also receive your scores for each of the scoring criteria, the average score in your category, and the highest score. If you won, this gives you a sense of how well you’re doing. If not, you can know where you need to improve.

Having different judging panels for each category allows the judges to give each entry the attention it deserves. In fact, the judges will spend a combined total of 7.5 hours assessing your entry.


3. Networking Opportunities

With so many top companies in attendance – last year, we had around 1000 guests – this is your chance to connect with the best. When you’re not watching open presentations or delivering your own, you can head to one of our dedicated networking areas and meet with the other finalists and judges.

This might lead to a fruitful business partnership, or simply that you get some great advice for a CX issue you’ve been facing. In any case, you’re not going to find this range and depth of CX expertise anywhere else.


Until May 8th, we’re happy to offer a £100 entry discount – get yours today! 

The Awards will be held on October 15th at Wembley Stadium. 



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