The 3 Best Presentations We’ve Ever Seen (That Weren’t At Our Awards!)

Thomas FairbairnMay 13, 20203min0

Delivering a great presentation is a key part of success at our Awards. It counts for 50% of your score (your written entry provides the other half), so you need to think of ways to impress the judges.

Of course, there is no substitute for having done a great initiative as a business; your results will speak for themselves. But you also need to think about how to engage the judges with your presentation style.

In that spirit, we want to share three memorable presentations with you, examples of great public speaking that will give you the inspiration to deliver a winning pitch at our upcoming Awards. 


1. Steve Jobs announcing the first iPhone


The world has never looked back from this presentation; this was the day the smartphone was well and truly born. In a crisp, engaging style, Jobs explains why his product is going to be a computing revolution. Some of the tech might seem a little behind now, but remember, this was 2007! At the time, we’d never seen anything like it.


2. Life After “Death by Powerpoint”

A great example of how to use humour to build engagement, Don McMillan also shows the pitfalls of relying too much on a Powerpoint presentation through – ironically enough – his own Powerpoint presentation.

3. Slaying Dragons


This is a great example of how to deal with tough questions in a calm, unflappable manner. Remember: your prepared presentation is only part of your time before the judges; you’ll also be expected to spend up to 15 minutes answering questions, so you’ll need to be able to think on your feet.

Entries for the UK Business Awards are closing on 15th May – enter now! 

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