What makes great business awards?

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Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about business awards. In the past 6 years, we’ve used this knowledge to refine your Awards experience so it aligns perfectly with your goals and business strategy. This year, we’re proud to present our best experience yet. Let’s take a look at how.

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1. Having the chance to present live (online!)

This is such a valuable exercise. Firstly, because of the competitive element. Unlike at other Awards, finalists will present one after the other on the day of the Finals. This creates a real sense of competition at the event and makes it considerably more exciting. But it’s also a great exercise for your team. It’s likely that you spend a lot of time talking about your initiative internally, or to clients. This, however, is a chance to write and present for a different audience – one that require you to explain your work from first principles – and many of our customers find this process extremely beneficial. It requires them to look at their work from a different angle, and doing so gives them a newfound appreciation for what they’ve done.


2. You can watch other people present

If a finalist chooses to have an Open Presentation – and in our experience, most do – that means other guests at the Awards can watch. You can see the other finalists in your category, or go to a different category. Like you, these finalists will be giving insightful and frank overviews of their work, and this is extremely valuable for you to witness.


3. Networking opportunities 

These Awards will be held entirely online, but you’ll still have many opportunities to connect with other guests, and we’ll be setting up dedicated networking channels for this. People have reconnected with old colleagues, learned from each other’s expertise and even picked up new business at our Awards! With so many representatives from different sectors of the economy, it’s an outstanding chance to make some new connections.


4. FASTHELP presentations

This is a new feature for the UK Business Awards 2020 (for more information, click here.) We’ve always viewed our Awards as more than just a competition, but an educational experience as well. So we’re building on that idea and including 12 presentations throughout the day on how various companies can help your business in this challenging time. These will be running parallel to the finalists presentations, so you’ll have the chance to see some top business influencers giving their take on COVID-19, and how best to respond. We’re very excited about this new feature, particularly after a similar concept was very successful at our South East Europe Customer Experience Awards.


5. Fairness and Integrity

Even with all the other elements, an Awards experience isn’t truly great unless fairness and integrity are at its heart. We do this by ensuring all our judges are independent, having dedicated judging panels for each category that ensure every entry gets the scrutiny it deserves, and sending detailed feedback reports to every finalist. We’ve also set up a Judge Club where our judges can make suggestions to improve the process even more. Ultimately, this is what sets our Awards apart: no one else goes to the lengths we do to ensure the Awards are judged in a fair and transparent way.



With finalists presentations, FASTHELP talks, chances to meet and connect, and – of course – the Awards ceremony itself, the UK Business Awards on 9th July is going to be an extraordinary day. Book your tickets now!



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