Setting the expectations is the key to customer satisfaction

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ICXA ® is a worldwide CX movement, giving you the chance to meet and compete with companies from all over the world and our mission is to connect people and give them a chance to create good stories with Awards International world.

Ali Alkhazali, a Corporative Customer Experience Manager at Abu Dhabi Ports, is someone who attended the International Customer Experience Awards 2019 and took home three awards – Best Customer Experience Strategy Gold Award, Best Digital Strategy Silver Award and Digital Transformation Bronze Award. We wanted to hear what he thinks about this kind of an event:

“One of the best and biggest events I ever attended for customer experience, with diversities of industries from different countries around the words, although it wasn’t the first event I attend and take home awards, this was my first time to be the 1st one on the stage.”

What were the reactions in the company after such an amazing success? 

“Celebrate another success, share it with our customers in social media, and eager to invest more in improving customer experience.”

Do you think that there is a difference in the approach to Customer Experience in different cultures? 

“Yes indeed, setting the expectations is the key to customer satisfaction, as expectations are different from a culture to another, it will require a different approach.”

When it comes to networking, have you made a connection that made an impact on you, your colleagues or even your business? 

“New connections on a personal level.”

Having a positive mindset is always very important but especially now when maintaining a business can be challenging during this crisis. How do you cope with the situation, business-wise? What advice are you giving to your colleagues and to other businesses?

“This is a real evaluation of the level maturity level of business to deal with crises, and the amount of investment they had in technology to be able to work from home, we were able to move smoothly without any impact on our CX.”

What is Abu Dhabi Ports currently working on? Are there new projects in the near future?

“Many things and big projects that will make a difference to our customers.”

Ali will share his experience at our upcoming ICXA Networking Meeting on the 23rd of July and he’ll share his experience with all of the previous finalists, winners and judges. Ali, good luck and we wish to hear more winning stories from you!

International Customer Experience Awards are a full-day experience, and this year will be held fully online using the latest videoconferencing software.

  • From 9 am to 5 pm, finalists present their initiatives in front of independent judging panels: this is the Awards Finals. Each category will have its own “room”, administered by a member of the Awards International team, in which each of the category’s presentations will take place. Many of these are open to spectators, so you’ll have the opportunity to attend open presentations throughout the day and see dozens of examples of top customer experience.

We’re also organising a series of #CXTrendTalks™, in which leading CX specialists will discuss the latest developments in customer experience and give you useful, practical advice.

  • In the evening, we’ll enjoy the online Awards Ceremony, which will feature keynote speakers, a charity raffle, amazing entertainment and, of course, the announcement of the winners in each of the 16 categories. At the end of the ceremony, we’ll also find out the Overall Winner!

Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to learn, connect – and win so nominate your initiative today:


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