Our 3 Favourite Awards Acceptance Speeches – from other Awards!

Thomas FairbairnAugust 12, 20202min0

Picture the scene: the nominees in your category have been read out. The Chair of Judges says the immortal words “And the winner is…” then, you hear your name being read out!

The applause is loud, but sounds almost distant: you’re in shock – in a good way – and the sense of victory is washing over you. Now it’s your chance to say a few words. But what do you say?

When you’re on the stage, you’re communicating with your customers, your team, family and competitors.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve collected together 3 of our favourite acceptance speeches. We hope you enjoy them!


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Oscars 1998

This is a great example of the sheer joy that people can feel after winning an award! They’re like two boys in a sweetshop!

Cuba Gooding Jr, Oscars 1997

At our Awards, we don’t cut off speakers with music like this!! But it’s hilarious to see Cuba getting in all of his thank-yous as the music continues to rise.

Bill Murray, Golden Globes 2004

And finally, Bill Murray shows his subversive abilities: here, he refuses to thank anyone for his award!


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