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What We Do

The Awards International business model is about working with partners. Partners with whom the company identifies it can work to build a long term successful programme on the basis of equal risk and reward.
Neil Skehel, Chief Executive Officer, worked with Don Hales, Chairman, for twelve months planning Awards International and the company was then launched in November 2008.
We created and developed our own Awards Management system.
Awards International worked in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing on their Marketing Excellence Awards from 2010 – 2015. Awards International worked in partnership with the Patient Experience Network on their Patient Experience National Network Awards from 2012 – 2015.
Our main office is based in Stevenage. We now have offices in Serbia where our web development and research team are based, and also an office in Northern Ireland where some of our Awards consultants are based.
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Our Team

Founder & CEO

Neil Skehel

Producer & Project Manager

Aleksandar Ilic

Commercial Director

Fiona Bentley

Judging Process & Recruitment Manager

Lisa Bailey

Digital Sales Team Leader

Damien Braniff

Marketing Copywriting & Communications Manager

Rachel Lively

Customer Relationship Manager

Ivana Kircanski

Managing Director

Borislav Lojpur

Awards Consultant

Ana Belic

Awards Consultant

Mihajlo Krstic

Awards Consultant

Rachael Reece