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Awards International Timeline

Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) is our official media partner and your go-to place for industry news, best practices, and resources.

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The Judge Club is an integral part of Awards international; it is a growing community of businesses professionals and our judges, where they can find networking opportunities, learn and share knowledge. It is a place of personal and professional development.

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Meet the Team

We are a customer-centric community constantly growing through learning and teamwork.

Neil Skehel

CEO and Founder

Ivana Kircanski

Chief Operating Officer

Borislav Lojpur

Managing Director

Davide Liverino

Content Manager

Aleksandar Ilic

Regional Manager ME & Head of CXM

Stevan Jankovic

Customer Relationship Manager

Marija Prokic

Event Manager

Sladjana Bugarinovic

Events Executive

Sasa Pavlovic

Web Developer

Marko Lojpur

Web Developer

Mladen Polic

Web Developer

Dusan Stojanovic

Quality Assurance Intern

Lela Pavlovic

Lead Designer

Jovana Krivokapic

Graphic Designer

Marijana Vitas Lojpur

Marketing Manager

Natalija Stankovic

Project Manager

Jovan Zornic

Email Marketing Specialist

Jana Zlatanovic

Project Manager

Ognjen Miletic

Project Manager

Stefan Blagojevic

Project Manager

Marko Rasic


Petar Pesic


Vuk Vukanovic

Regional Manager North America

Filip Lampic

Judge Consultant

Tamara Memedovic

Judge Consultant

Uros Udovic

Judge Consultant

Kristina Simonovic

Senior Awards Consultant

Danilo Kusmuk

CX Masterclass Specialist

Danilo Grubisic


Miodrag Nikolic

Awards Consultant

Milan Nikolic

Senior Awards Consultant

Can Gulmez

Awards Consultant

Aleksandar Lucic

Awards Consultant

Mila Boljevic


Nenad Ivanic


Milica Jovanov

Judge Consultant

Ana Veljkovic

The Judge Club Executive

Jovana Zivanovic

Marketing Executive

Venesa Musovic

Lead Editor

Andjela Popovic


Vanja Zoric

Accounts Executive

Dream Team, Dream Time

"We know our awards are special, we know people from all over the world love our CXA® especially, and we know they admire the Dream Team. So we set a dream for the team!" Neil Skehel, Founder and CEO