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We’ve just got back into the office after two days at the ExCel Centre – what did we learn at the B2B Marketing Expo?

February 27, 2019Sales & Marketing

Forget those micro influencers for now! Customer service, a well-thought-out ‘persona’ and a great logo are the tools to focus on.

January 30, 2019Sales & Marketing

Marketing trends are often fleeting, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider them. While some fade within a few months, others stick—and implementing the right ones can do wonders for your business.

January 23, 2019Sales & Marketing

Every business wants to get attention. But there are two types of attention: the kind you want, where everybody’s saying how great your company is, and the kind that makes you want to lock your doors, draw the blinds and hope everybody stops noticing you.

January 9, 2019Sales & Marketing

Electric car sales are set to rise dramatically in 2019 as rapid growth in the sector is expected to continue.

January 9, 2019Sales & Marketing

Today, consumers and business buyers alike expect convenient, relevant, and responsive engagement across every interaction. In the age of the connected customer, marketers — with their deep understanding of customer needs and behavior — are well positioned to take a lead on these broader customer experience initiatives.

December 19, 2018Sales & Marketing

Microsoft hid some nice deals in recent email blasts. But if you try to access them now, you’ll be out of luck.

December 12, 2018Sales & Marketing

GOOGLE has revealed what Brits searched for most in 2018 – and there are some surprises.

November 28, 2018Sales & Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most rapidly changing areas in any industry. As such, it’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest content marketing trends if you’re looking to stay competitive in the marketplace.

October 24, 2018Sales & Marketing

The incredible growth of the food delivery business has led to some unconventional arrangements.

October 17, 2018Sales & Marketing

The marketing world is changing every day. New tools and technologies emerge, fresh thinkers put new spins on old tactics, and the bar for quality continues to rise as audiences everywhere are exposed to more content in a day than they could possibly process.

October 9, 2018Sales & Marketing

In just a couple of months, snow will be on the ground, people will be singing holiday cheers, and businesses will be competing for holiday customers.

October 3, 2018Sales & Marketing

E-commerce retailers risk losing Gen Z customers by not providing sufficient shipping options, according to a new report from Neopost Shipping.

September 26, 2018Sales & Marketing

Tension with Facebook may have prompted Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to leave.

September 5, 2018Sales & Marketing

The Scottish Gin Society has been given a slap on the wrist by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being “irresponsible” in its promotion of drinking.

August 8, 2018Sales & Marketing

The recent hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is deceiving three in four IT decision makers (75%) into believing the technologies are the silver bullet to solving their cybersecurity challenges.

August 1, 2018Sales & Marketing

Spam is the number one source of malware as cybercriminals employ new tactics to catch unsuspecting users.

July 25, 2018Sales & Marketing

Coca-Cola Co. beat analysts’ estimates in the second quarter, but investors are thirsty for more.

June 13, 2018Sales & Marketing

European electronics and telecoms retailer Dixons Carphone has revealed a hack of its systems in which the intruder/s attempted to compromise 5.9 million payment cards.

April 11, 2018Sales & Marketing

Dozens of senators attempted to take swipes at Mark Zuckerberg in his debut on Capitol Hill. None appeared to land a significant blow.

April 4, 2018Sales & Marketing

CEO Mark Zuckerberg is hesitant to apply European protections worldwide.

March 21, 2018Sales & Marketing

Amazon CEO prefers the company of robots these days, as it seems.

February 14, 2018Sales & Marketing

Advertising watchdog rejects Echo Dot owner’s complaint that TV spot was irresponsible

August 24, 2017Sales & Marketing

Sure, backlinks are important, but columnist Kristopher Jones makes the case that internal linking is also a critical component of improving your website’s search engine optimization and user experience.

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

Six Management Mistakes that Sabotage a High-Growth Learning Culture for Sales Teams

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

These easily incorporated practices will help you convert at a higher rate and run up more revenue.

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

What makes for a successful sales call? Here are four characteristics of sales discovery calls that move prospects to the next stage, backed by research.

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

A simple question: would you rather have a bigger AdWords ad or a smaller AdWords ad for the same cost?

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

How do you maximize the investment you’re making in sales new hires? Below is a guide to accelerated ramp-up time for your salespeople.

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

When a prospect answers each of these seemingly basic questions in the affirmative, there’s a subtle compliance tactic in play. Each small buy-in makes it easier to get to the next larger “yes.”

August 23, 2017Sales & Marketing

LinkedIn has over 500 million registered members worldwide. Like other social media networks, it caters to a specific audience. It is the major social channel for business professionals and fills a niche that is not addressed by Facebook or Twitter.