Sandra Radlovacki, Author at Awards International


Sandra RadlovackiJuly 22, 20202min17220


It’s needless to say that the pandemic has changed everything: every corner of our lives has been affected in one way or the other. The life as we see it is unlikely to return to how it was before and the new normal is to become a standard going forward.

CX professionals worldwide will agree that Customer Experience is more often than not the element, the X factor that changes business for the better. As the entire world changes direction, customers have in a way forced organisations to rapidly adjust to their needs – or suffer the consequences very soon.

The unprecedented shifts caused by the crisis have reminded businesses that CX requires constant monitoring and revision as it’s not a one-time project but an evolution. The impact of the crisis has been felt in CX significantly and left many professionals reorienting their priorities and thoughts for the future.

Ipsos (leading Global CX provider) and Awards International (home of the UK CXA) have partnered to launch the inaugural CX Census to get under the skin of CX today. As a part of the large scale survey, you will be able to access the valuable results which will provide a view of where CX might go next.

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