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Awards InternationalJuly 18, 20195min36160

Price Factor E-Commerce - Homo Oeconomicus In the world of sales and marketing, cost often represents the bottom line. Businesses of all sizes are all trying to cut in-house expenditures in the hopes that their return on investment will be higher. Although this might appear to make perfect sense from a purely financial point of view, let us always remember that you get what you pay for. This is even more relevant when discussing e-commerce platforms. How can you balance cost-effective solutions with an application that will produce viable long-term results? What if your enterprise is on a budget? Will you be able to encounter more fiscally reasonable alternatives to Magento Enterprise and similar third-party hosts? Each of these questions deserves to be briefly placed into the digital spotlight so that you can possess the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Why price is no longer the bottom line: long-term return on investment

Some business owners will focus entirely on the up-front costs associated with an e-commerce provider. This tends to be a slight mistake, as they fail to take into account the long-term ROI that can be expected. In many instances, any initial financial outlay will be dramatically offset by profits that may result in the future.

However, it is just as important to balance the price of a package with its innate sense of functionality. This is even more relevant when we consider the fact that software as a service (SaaS) has taken the online business community by storm. Here are a handful of questions which should always be asked before committing to any type of contract:

  • What type of uptime can you expect from the provider?
  • Can this software be integrated into your legacy systems?
  • Are you provided with a user-friendly edge or will you be required to learn a great deal of complicated coding?

This last question is particularly relevant, as some providers such as Magento have been engineered for developers as opposed to the average business owner or digital marketing specialist.


Obtaining a clear perspective

Price Factor E-Commerce - The Scales of Justice You should also place a great deal of effort into obtaining an objective perspective with regards to the service provider in question. Do not rely solely upon their claims (never forget that they are trying to sell a product). Scour the online community for reviews. Take a look at any testimonials that the e-commerce solution may offer. Has the firm received a fair amount of negative feedback and if so, does it appear to be justified? Making a sound decision should always take into account what others have had to say about their personal experiences.

It should now be abundantly clear that cost is not the only factor to address when choosing the best e-commerce provider for your business. Although you will still have to meet certain budgetary constraints, moderately priced packages tend to deliver the most sustainable results. So, be sure to compare and contrast the largest names in the industry so that you can make the appropriate decision.


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Thomas FairbairnJuly 15, 20198min41000

On Friday 17th June, we welcomed 350 digital professionals to the Park Plaza Riverbank in London, where we held our 5th UK Digital Experience Awards.

With a record number of Finalists and Judges, the stage was set for a memorable day – and it didn’t disappoint.

See the full list of winners here.

Throughout the morning, Finalists presented their initiatives in front of 19 independent judging panels. Many presentations were open to other attendees, who took advantage of this opportunity to learn expert strategies on improving the digital experience.

With time in between presentations, guests took the chance to network with other digital professionals and share best practice.

We’d also like to thank all of our expert judges, who did such a thorough and fair job of assessing the entries. Their insights will go into Feedback Reports for every Finalist, giving them constructive feedback on their entries and advice on how to improve.

As guests filed into the ballroom for the luxurious gala lunch and Awards ceremony, we were treated to an exhibition of magic from Britain’s Got Talent Finalist and member of the Inner Magic Circle, Ben Hart. He astonished audience members with his inexplicable tricks and also proved an engaging and charming host of the Awards themselves.

In our charity raffle for Barnardo’s, we were very pleased to raise £4100, contributing to our total of £11135 so far this year. This money will go towards helping vulnerable young people regain control over their lives.

When it came to the announcing the winners, 23 categories reflected the many aspects of digital experience in need of recognition. The standard of entries was exceptionally high, and it was fantastic to see the joy that winning brought to hardworking teams and organisations. You can see the full list of winners here. 

Special mention goes to our Overall Winner, Swimtime UK. With a team of just five people, they have developed a remarkably user-friendly website that enables thousands of parents across the country to book swimming lessons for their children. It was inspirational to see that any initiative can win at the Awards, as long as you can demonstrate its value to the judging panel.

Booking for next year’s edition of the Awards opens on 23rd November. We can’t wait to see you there!

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