At Awards International, we’ve been leading the way in recognition for over ten years now, running over 50 awards programmes internationally and regionally in the UK, Gulf region and, most recently, South East Europe. At each of these Awards, winners get to share their amazing news with their partners, customers and colleagues.

But we want to give winners even more opportunities, which is why we’re starting the Go International campaign. 

How does it work

If you triumph in a category at one of our regional awards (for example, the UK Customer Experience Awards) you will be automatically entitled to be short-listed* for one of our international events: the International Customer Experience Awards and the International Business Excellence Awards. 

This is a natural step for companies with global ambitions: having conquered your territory, you’ll have the chance to compete on an international level with companies from all over the world. 

As we continue to launch new Customer Experience Awards in different countries, we will keep up the Go International policy. More and more countries will “feed in” to the international awards, making them extraordinary competitions featuring the very best global talent. 

When and Where are the International Awards

This year, we’ll be holding both Awards online from start to finish. 

Book a call with one of our Awards Consultants to help you with your awards-winning journey.

This is an unmissable opportunity to learn, connect – and potentially win the highest accolades that we offer!

We hope you can join us.

*You will still need to pay the entry price, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you will be at the finals. So get your entries in quickly, so you can begin planning your participation at the exciting finals event.