Benefits Of Being A Judge
Enhance your credibility
-both from your presence at the awards and from the inclusion of your role in your CV.
Personalised Profile
Be inluded on the”meet the judges” webpage with your personal profile and company logo and within the awards e-Brochure provided to all attendees.
Discuss being involved in our conference for the relevant Awards which will be held post awards.
with fellow judges as well as inspiring finalists – the unique open atmosphere of the finals allows you to make connections with many other cross-sector companies.
with the our judges and finalists at the Awards Finals.
Have your judge profile included in our weekly “meet the judges”
email that has a 30,000 distribution – with average opens of 10,000.
Gain credibility
and develop your personal and professional brand – align yourself to a prestigious awards programme endorsed by the Cranfield School of Management.
Maximise PR potential
through social media engagement and blogs – becoming a judge is an achievement to be proud of, so shout about your experience on your social media channels.
Be in the centre of the event, attend the awards finals.
Social media
Have your judge profile tweeted to over 8,000 followers plus a post on Linkedin across more than 40,000 connections.
Become a thought-leader
within your field – what better way to position yourself as a thought – leader than to share your insight with our finalists?
Benefit from exposure
within the Customer Experience Magazine – Awards International welcomes editorial content from judges and will share your profile with its 42,000 readers.
Logo and Promo card
Have access the awards judge logo and a promotional card for your use in e.g. your email signatures, on Linkedln and Twitter.
Submit contributions to Customer Experience Magazine (which has almost 45,000 subscribers).
Discover initiatives
to influence your own journey – in an ever – changing business landscape, judging provides an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations.
future business strategies – your feedback can have a real impact on the development of a brand’s future initiatives.
To put our finalists to the test, we rely on an expert panel of judges who will shape the future of digital experience through insightful feedback and rigorous scoring. This year we are looking for astute individuals like you to form our team of independent and impartial judges. Judging at one of our events is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to hear customer experience initiatives from all types of industries, enhance your profile, network and celebrate with the finalists and winners!
As A Judge Your Role Is To

first-hand from fellow professionals representing a range of organisations, from blue chip to start-up, sharing some of the latest ideas about delivering great digital customer experience

your knowledge and experience to assess entries both online and from face to face presentations -giving you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and clarify important elements

scores and written comments to entrants – which go on to make up part of their feedback reports, helping them continuously improve their digital customer experience

We are looking for a diverse team of judges with a range of knowledge and skills to provide judging panels with a robust mix of business expertise. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have knowledge, skills and/or experience in a variety of business disciplines
  • Have substantial business experience
  • Hold a relevant business qualification or belong to a relevant academic establishment e.g. a business school
  • Have a passion for the delivery of exceptional business performance

So, if this sounds like you, please send in your CV/profile to in order to apply to be a judge at one of our events.

Please note: If you have judged at one of our awards before, you will not be required to send another copy of your CV