As A Judge Your Role Is To

the information written in the online submission by fellow professionals representing a range of organisations,  sharing some of the latest ideas and innovations within their business. Listen to the finalist presentations and ask questions for clarity and understanding.

finalist’s written submissions and presentations by providing scores which reflect the quality of the awards submission based on the scoring criteria and your judgement, using the online application or scoring sheets as provided.

finalists with your professionalism, supportive manner and constructive comments for the feedback reports, helping them continuously improve their initiatives.

We are looking for a diverse team of judges with a range of knowledge and skills to provide judging panels with a robust mix of business expertise. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have knowledge, skills and/or experience in a variety of business disciplines
  • Have substantial business experience
  • Hold business and academic qualifications, and or belong to a professional association such as the CXPA or Institute of Directors
  • Have a passion for the delivery of exceptional business performance

Sounds like you? Send in your CV/profile to in order to apply to be a judge at one of our events.

Benefits Of Being A Judge

Discover initiatives

Get Insight into the latest trends to influence your own journey – in an ever – changing business landscape, judging provides an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations.

Personalised Profile

Be included on the”meet the judges” webpage with your personal profile and company logo.


with fellow judges as well as inspiring finalists – the unique open atmosphere of the finals allows you to make connections with many other cross-sector companies.

Become a thought-leader

within your field – what better way to position yourself as a thought – leader than to share your insight with our finalists?

Logo and Promo card

Have access the awards judge logo and a promotional card for your use in e.g. your email signatures, on Linkedln and Twitter.

Enhance your credibility

and develop your personal and professional brand – align yourself to a prestigious awards programme endorsed by the Cranfield School of Management.


future business strategies – your feedback can have a real impact on the development of a brand’s future initiatives.


Have your judge profile promoted via Linkedin.


Become a Certified Judge at Awards International. Upon completion of their role, Judges receive Digital Judge’s Certificate to include on their LinkedIn Profile and CV.

The Judge Club Member

Judging gives you the opportunity to join The Judge Club and participate in topic-related meetings, problem-solving workshops, conferences, etc. Click here to find out more.

Maximise PR potential

through social media engagement and blogs – becoming a judge is an achievement to be proud of, so shout about your experience on your social media channels.


Benefit from exposure.
Submit contributions to Customer Experience Magazine (which has almost 45,000 subscribers).
To put our finalists to the test, we rely on an expert panel of judges who will shape the future of innovation through insightful feedback and rigorous scoring. This year we are looking for astute individuals like you to form our team of independent and impartial judges. Judging at one of our events is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. At the same time, depending on the programme you are judging, you will have the opportunity to hear initiatives about customer/business/digital/complaints/employee experience from all types of industries, enhance your profile, network and celebrate with the finalists and winners!


Donna O’Toole- CEO @ August

Started judging at our events in 2016 and has been judging ever since.
She is currently organising webinars advising our entrants how to create a winning entry and give outstanding presentation.

What is in it for you? / Why do you keep judging?

“I’ve been judging awards for Awards International since 2016. For me, regular awards judging is hugely valuable for identifying and understanding trends, both within the entries and presentations and in the behaviours of different sectors and industries. When you judge year-on-year you see how businesses change over time, and you can identify how best practice has evolved to meet new expectations. This gives me excellent opportunities for business development and fantastic networking opportunities with fellow judges and contestants.”