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1345 – 1415

People Power

When you look at organisational strategy today, all we hear about is getting technology to do the work – AI, Big Data, all of those brilliant things that in the future are going to help with channel shift and personalisation. But we need to be wary of leaving behind the people element.

We are always going to require people to deliver customer service. In the new world, every touch point a customer has with an organisation, across whatever channel, is an opportunity to add value and to do good for the customer. It’s having the right people with the right skills and mindsets.

Today it’s about answering problems across a huge range of different channels. Wind forward to tomorrow and we’re coming to terms with the fact that the workforce is evolving (it’s not just millennials) and the human beings we are dealing with are very complex!

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    Sally Earnshaw

    Managing Director

    With a 20 year track record working in senior positions, Sally has developed and executed sales and service transformation programmes in a wide range of operational environments. This lends a depth of understanding to all sorts of client situations with resultant gravitas to the messages she shares. She has recently published her first book. Crack the Code: Upgrade your customer experience, one conversation at a time about the human code, called conversation, that’s undergoing a revolution thanks to cutting-edge research in neuroscience. But because it’s a people, rather than a tech, thing it’s being neglected by all but the super-smart few.