We have recently started a new campaign at Awards International called “We connect people”. The idea is to collect and share the stories that have been created at our events. Our events are designed in a way so you can learn, connect and win! You can network with hundreds of other professionals. We find that these are a great way to meet acquaintances, colleagues or even friends. We want to hear and tell stories of those who have met people and connected with other companies at any of our events.

You will have the opportunity to read one story per week. We are happy we’ve got a chance to speak with so many people about their experience at our events. And we would very much like to talk about yours!

April 17, 2020 Marijana VitasMarijana Vitas

We Connect People: Helping You Catch Up With Key Industry Players

Our events are designed in a way so you can learn, connect and win! You can network with hundreds of other professionals. And speaking of those professionals – we reached out to Matthias Marino, Business Director at Renascence Consulting.

Great way to expand your network

Amanda is a Business Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in senior roles, leading teams of up to 1500 people to exceed key performance targets and deliver regulatory governance. She specialises in customer service and complaint handling transformation and has a proven track record for success and for putting the customer experience at the heart of change.

It’s about the chance to meet like-minded people

Rob Ettridge is one of our long-standing judges whose experience and expertise add in to the whole Awards Experience. He is the co-founder at customer experience consultancy Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. The lorries help organisations improve customer experience through better communications. He’s managed customer engagement, cultural change and tone of voice communications projects for leading financial, retail, utilities and manufacturing clients.

Humans are not as simple as a journey map

Here at Awards International, we’re constantly exploring new opportunities for networking. And we always care what our customers have to say.

Sometimes competitors, sometimes collaborators

This will not be an ordinary We-connect-people story. This time, we will speak about the collaboration between two companies and people from those companies we will meet at the upcoming Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards in Dubai. 

If you have a story to tell – CONTACT US! We would be more than happy to hear what you have to say and to share it with the rest of the Awards International’s world. If you have been a part of any of our events and if you have made connections there, contact us and we will tell that story together.

You’re wondering how you could participate? It’s easy: fill the contact form with your email address and we will contact you shortly.

We believe you have something important to say – say it loud!

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