City Suite 1

1125 – 1210

CitySprint’s journey from an operations-led business to the start of customer centricity

Rosie, with 18+ years looking after logistics customers and 5+ years’ working with the UK’s leading same day courier network, will take you through CitySprint’s journey from an operations-led business to the start of customer centricity. The journey starts with the centralisation of CitySprint’s complaint handing team. The goals were simple; decrease the number of days taken to resolve complaints, improve response quality and measurement, and increase available time for operational teams across their 40+ sites. The results speak for themselves, each site on average saved 42 hours per month- equivalent to savings of £186,000 per year! The journey doesn’t end there, Rosie will also take you through what CitySprint have been busy with since their Silver win at the UK Complaint Handling Awards, covering off highlights on current projects, including the centralisation of their customer experience.


Rosie Bailey

Director of Customer Management

Rosie is responsible for CitySprint’s SME customer engagement strategy, focusing on retention and growth, and leading the Customer Experience Improvement programme. Rosie also manages commercial targeting and the relationship team looking after CitySprint’s key account customer base. Recognisable achievements already include, implementing both the key account management programme and the national Customer Care team in 2015 and winning Silver for the Most Improved Complaint Handling at the 2017 UKCHA Awards. With over 18 years’ logistics experience, Rosie led the strategic account management programme for the industrial and 3PL sectors at City Link before joining CitySprint in 2013.